The Kurtis-Kraft Midget, Built 550 from 1946-62, powered by a V8 or an Offenhauser I4, is as iconic and ubiquitous a race car as there is in the history of race cars.

» 4/17/15 1:56pm Friday 1:56pm

Very clean, low miles, simple, durable. It's over 25 years old...could go with vintage tags/insurance in some states. Plus, convertible, which adds fun.

» 4/10/15 3:35pm 4/10/15 3:35pm

I could be more than just curious about a car with the Volt’s technology; but the Volt is a sedan...and I haven’t bought a sedan since 1983.
Nothing but hatches, wagons, and CUVs...and one convertible. » 4/10/15 10:28am 4/10/15 10:28am

Cleaning up the interface a bit isn't a big change.
The new 2-column pull down menu on the left is a needed improvement; the old single column menu would often disappear off the bottom of the screen, and was difficult to navigate.
The only constant is change - this one's a good one. » 4/07/15 11:47am 4/07/15 11:47am